Based in Brighton, UK

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9 October 2012

Steam (PC/Mac)


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Pushcat borrows the basic dig-and-push mechanics of Boulder Dash and adds elements of Match 3, resulting in an original, fast-paced mix of puzzle and action arcade gameplay. Style-wise it takes its cues from the golden age of videogames with crisp pixel art and retro music. The player plays the eponymous Pushcat, a purple cat who just loves silver - which he gets by combining gems of the same colour. As the game progresses new elements are gradually built on top of this basic mechanic, then mixed and matched to produce a wide variety of different play experiences.


Zut founder Fritz Solares met Gary 'Army of Trolls' Lucken while working on the newsgame Sweatshop for Channel 4. Sharing a deep, true love for all things retro and pixellated they decided to collaborate on what was originally to be a quick web game. The basic premise was Boulder Dash plus Match-3, and after a lengthy detour (via monkeys, orchards and beekeeping) Pushcat was born. It quickly became clear that it had the potential to become something bigger and better than a casual web game, so the team regrouped to release it as a commercial indie title.


  • Over 60 randomly generated levels set in five colourful worlds
  • Old school game design - complex gameplay arising from a few simple mechanics
  • Delightful pixel art by Gary J. Lucken, aka Army of Trolls
  • A chirpy retro ragtime soundtrack
  • Colour-blind friendly mode
  • Slime and rainbows. Every game needs slime and rainbows, right?


Teaser Trailer YouTube, Vimeo

Selected Articles

    • "...a brain-straining arcade masterpiece..."
      - 5/5, RGCD
    • "...chaotically busy (and sometimes sublime) level design..."
      - 4/5, The Indie Mine
    • "... a very well-polished design and some rather creative, outside-the-box puzzles..."
      - 4/5, Twinfinite

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    About Zut!

    We are a small, independent game studio based in Brighton, UK. We create original puzzle games with simple mechanics, loads of replay value and a groovy retro feel.

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    Pushcat Credits

    Fritz Solares
    Design, Programming, Sound, Level Design

    Gary J. Lucken
    Game Art and Animation

    Paul Simpson
    Interface Art

    Ben Mantle

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