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June 2, 2014



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GlowGrid is a hypnotic, retro puzzle game.

GlowGrid has a very simple mechanic: players must lay Tetris-like pieces onto the grid. The player earns points by making groups of matching tiles, while blocker tiles get in the way of their progress. By earning enough points, the blockers on the grid are destroyed, opening up the grid for further play.

This mechanic of filling and emptying the board gives the game a hypnotic, addictive quality. A carefully balanced scoring system gives the game strategic depth - the player must decide whether keep the grid open by making small groups, or play a riskier long game by trying to make higher-scoring combos.


The game originated as a kind of city-building / puzzle mash-up, inspired by games such as Carcasonne and Triple Town. A basic Flash version was released in September 2013, which has had half a million plays and an average session duration of 45 minutes.


  • Deep, open-ended gameplay
  • Gorgeous retro visuals
  • A dreamy 80's synth soundtrack
  • Casual Mode - play at your own pace
  • Panic Mode - make each move before your time runs out!


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    About Zut!

    We are a small, independent game studio based in Brighton, UK. We create original puzzle games with simple mechanics, loads of replay value and a groovy retro feel.

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    GlowGrid Credits

    Fritz Solares
    Design, Programming, Art, Audio

    presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks