GlowGrid is out!

EDIT: This post refers to the original Flash version of the game. Click here for info about the upcoming mobile version!

GlowGrid is a retro, minimalist puzzle game with a dreamy 80s synth soundtrack. Be careful about starting a game though, the neon aesthetics and simple-yet-complex gameplay may steal a few hours of your life…

Play here on Zut Games or compete for high scores over on Kongregate.

Pushcat update: colour-blind mode

Pushcat Colour-blind mod

A new version of Pushcat (1.0.4) is available – this has a few minor bug fixes but most importantly adds a colour-blind mode, which can be accessed through the options screen. When activated this will change the shapes of the gems in the game so they can be more easily differentiated.

You can use your original download links to get the latest version – please get in touch if you have any problems with this.